tox-prpl – Tox Protocol Plugin For Pidgin / libpurple

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First Time Launch

I assume that you have some basic knoweldge about Pidgin and that you found your way to the “Add Account” screen. Select “Tox” from the “Protocol” drop down list:

In the “Basic” tab, enter a username, this can be really anything as it is not used by Tox. This username will locally identify your account in Pidgin.

You may ask, why do you have to enter a username if it is not going to be used by Tox? Truth is: there is no way to disable this field from a libpurple protocol plugin.

In the “Advanced” tab, enter the nickname that you would like to use (this is how you will appear to others). You can also set the DHT server, a list of supposedly active DHT servers is available here.

Next, read and click away the “Development Version Warning”, you will be presented with two options. If you already have a tox account that you created in some other client (i.e. Toxic or nTox), you could import it. Otherwise click “Create new Tox account”

If all goes well, you will automatically be connected to the chosen DHT server – you’re ready to Tox!

Tox Account Menu

The Tox Account Menu offers a couple of actions for your account:

Connecting To Others

You have just created your new Tox account and now you want to chat with some friends. Then you should probably give them your ID, so that they can add you. Select “Show my id” in the account actions menu, copy the ID and give it to your friends.

If you received an ID from some of your friends, you can add them by selecting “Buddies”->“Add buddy” or by pressing Ctrl-B in Pidgin. Paste the ID of your friend into the Buddy’s username” field and optionally enter an invite message:

Your buddy will receive a friend request and can either accept or deny it.

Assuming that you gave your ID to someone and they added you, a request window will pop up:

If the request has been accepted you should see the other party appearing online and can start a conversation with them.

Last update: 27-11-2016
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