tox-prpl – Tox Protocol Plugin For Pidgin / libpurple

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WARNING: the plugin is based on an unreleased Tox library which is currently still in development. This means that there might be bugs, stability and security issues. Use for testing only.

If you experience any problems don’t hesitate to submit an issue.

Source tarball

Latest release is 0.5.1: tox-prpl-0.5.1.tar.gz (md5 93d6ff18210455555325ed4e0999f528)

Alternatively you can get it on GitHub, the release is tagged as v0.5.1

This release has been compiled and tested vs. Tox git revision dcf2aaa53005060608353b9d66b9917fd7ed18a9. Since Tox is still in development the API may break, so later revisions might or might not work.


Currently no binaries are available, you will have to compile from source.

Arch Linux users may try


Unfortunately the latest build of the plugin for Windows does not work. I’m trying to resolve the issue with the help of other users. For now I’m taking the link down until the problem is fixed.

Last update: 27-11-2016
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